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5 bloggers who teach us the importance of self-love

Although TLC once preached that, “You can buy your hair if it won’t grow”, as women, we all have flaws we wish we could hide.

But, there are champions out there who want us to accept our bodies – uneven skin tone, stretch marks, cellulite and all – just the way they are.

Talmesha Keonna

She’s an advocate for accepting your stretchmark or ‘tiger stripes’. Her own body changed a lot during pregnancy but she’s embraced how she looks.

Queen Nzinga

The Zimbabwean writer is a strong feminist who is pro self-love, embracing your curves and being unapologetically black.

Chidera Eggerue

Known to her audience on social media as ‘The Slumflower’ the young blogger started the #saggyboobsmatter movement, which demonstrates that not all boobs are or meant to be round and perky.

Sonny Turner

The UK plus-size model and blogger is all about being loving your curves and rolls. She uses the hashtag #everybodyisbeautiful to spread positivity.

Thick Leeyonce

Lee needs no introduction – she is always fighting against fat shaming and teaches girls of all shapes and sizes to love themselves, no matter their size.