On Monday night, Nomzamo Mbatha and Khanyi Mbau set our TV screens alight with a heated shower sex scene on Umlilo, and Twitter was ‘unable to can’ for the entire week.


But this isn’t the first time that the e.tv drama caused a social media frenzy. Here are five of the show’s most shocking scenes yet:

1. That kiss between Thembi and Palesa

Palesa helped Thembi get out of the asylum, and their bond got even stronger when Palesa visited her in Bulalela. Palesa is a lesbian and married Mnqobi because she wanted to get her mother off her back. On Monday night’s episode, she fantasised about kissing Thembi, so she can forget about the loveless sex she has with Mnqobi.

ICYMI: Here’s that steamy moment again.


2. Welcome starts a fire 

Thembi and the police foiled Welcome’s plans yet again. He had just ordered Thembi to set off the bomb when they arrived. Thembi threw the device far away and Welcome got shot in the leg for not co-operating. But Welcome was so determined to finish what he started, he reached for the device from the ground and set the bomb off. Yoh!

Re-watch the shocking moment below:

3. Thembi’s rape 

Thembi arrived to St Benedict Mental Institute after Judge Ntuli ordered her to be sent there for a year. She arrived to a male nurse who ordered her to strip naked and threw delousing powder at her. The nurse raised suspicion with the way he looked at Thembi while she was naked.

When Thembi was making her way back to her room from the visitor’s room, the male nurse called her aside and raped her.


4. Mnqobi the strangler

We all know not to mess with Mnqobi Simelane, because he’s very quick to put his hands on you. In one season we saw him strangle Dumile, Andile and TK. Woah!


5. Khwezi’s Revenge

After working so hard to get back at the Simelanes, Khwezi chooses to walk away instead of burning them the same way they burnt her family.


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