1.Katy Perry

The s exiest Katy Perry has many times found without wearing pan ties and for that she has been the center of gossips all around. But this doesn’t mean that it will create some negativity in people’s minds for her. Obviously not! She just looks perfect wearing no u nderwear as far as her looks are concerned. She better know how to dress up when it comes to looking stylish, fashionable and advanced. Katy Perry is extremely seductive with her perfect figure and dress sense.

2.Zodwa Wabantu

Zodwa has also appeared many times without putting on pa nties. She always has something unexpected for her fans and knows how to dress up in a dominant and prominent way to grab the attention of the media and to be highlighted in the gossips and news. Zodwa knows the technique to be in the leading news on social media. Severally, she has flashed the public by wearing no under wear as she doesn’t like to wear one.

3.Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian has also worn see-through pa nts with no unde rwears. It has been said that the lady rarely wears underwe ar. Kimmy K with her most famous boo ties never misses a chance to publicize her outlook without pa nties whether it’s a formal or some informal event. Whether to go for some shopping or some awards show, the lady rarely prefers to wear pan ties.

4.Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is one of the hottest female singers of Hollywood who is not at all hesitated to appear on camera without wearing underw ear. Her hot outfits are always the center of attraction to many of the people and J-Lo has made herself as a seductive and provo cative s ex symbol with her gestures as well as her under wear-less dresses. In 1998, she was declared as the ‘S exiest Woman of the Year’ by Details Magazine.


With her perfect curves, Beyonce is already very hot and s exy, but when it comes to wearing see-through costumes with no un derwear, the lady seems to be found extremely fabulous. Beyonce is famous for being reported as se xy, seducti ve and p rovocative. The lady has also been declared as the s ex symbol and was called by the media as ‘Bo otylicious’. Beyonce is alluring and has been listed in many lists of sexiest celebrities and hottest singers.

6.Khanyi Mabu

Very clearly and visibly, Khanyi has appeared wearing no un derwear. Her outfits are attractive and she has appeared in many. Whether it is some red carpet event or some dinner at friends home, Miranda feels relaxed and comfortable refusing to put on p anties. Khanyi knows how to discriminate herself with others so she does whatever she want following her dreams and listening to her heart.

7.Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez has performed without wearing pa nties and it has been criticized that it would look even better if the dress she wore was good’ unfortunately it was a disappointment. Also, the girl has been spotted with no br a under her costumes. Basically, this is what celebrities do to attract people’s thoughts and attention.