The ripples of discontent among the ANC continue. Earlier within the week factions clashed over the Occupy Luthuli House protest staged by Tshwane members.

On Saturday, a Mpumalanga legilature representative and long-time member of the party voiced her unhappiness with the behaviour of the ANC.

Free State premier Ace Magashule has made it clear that President Jacob Zuma enjoys the support of the provincial ANC. But MK and party veteran Manana Sechoaro is disgruntled with the way things are being done

“I have been calling the chairperson, the vice-president of the ANC Women’s League. Many times I spoke with her. At some point I made an appointment. But up to now they don’t take calls,” Sechoaro said.

“You are penalised, you are bullied, you are chased away, you are literally made to suffer. Literally. And nobody does anything about it.”

Asked if the ANC had lost focus, she said: “We are lying to our constituents – that’s why fewer people are going out to vote. We are lying to our constituents, and I don’t want people to bring it on one individual person. I’m saying: as ANC we are lying to our own people.

“You know, what is happening here is people are playing tricks. We are playing tricks. And the unfortunate part is it is our people on the ground who are suffering.”

Sechoaro said divisions in the party always formed in the runup to national conferences. “It happened in 2007, it’s happening now.

“It’s people fighting for power. “

With an elective conference looming in 2017, the governing party has its work cut out to clean house and curb the in-fighting.

The provincial ANC told eNCA it was willing to comment, but has as yet not done so.

Source: eNCA