BEAUTY Mashilo-Ledwaba lost everything on Tuesday when her house was burned down, allegedly by her ex boyfriend!

The boyfriend was apparently furious after Beauty told him to leave her house because he had demanded she follow unreasonable rules and behaved abusively.

Beauty told Daily Sun she had been staying with neighbours since everything in her house was burned to ashes.

It happened in Umfuyaneni in Tembisa, Ekurhuleni.

She lost her ID and her four children’s birth certificates.

“I don’t have money for a temporary ID. I won’t be able to get a Sassa grant. I’m in trouble because my children won’t have food,” she said.

She met her boyfriend after leaving her husband more than two years ago.

“He was a good person at first but then he started making unreasonable rules.

“He became violent and told me I was arrogant because I own the house.”

Beauty said her boyfriend bought petrol and set her house alight while she was asleep.

She said she had to send her children to her parents in Limpopo after the house was burnt.

She said the week before the fire, her boyfriend stabbed her with a screwdriver.

“He thought I would die and he could take over my house, but it wasn’t my time and I’m still here,” she said.

Captain Manyadza Ralidzivha said a suspect was arrested for attempted murder and arson.

“He appeared in court on Wednesday and will make his second appearance soon.”