Appearances are deceiving they say……………………..He may be one of the nicest guys in the SA entertainment industry but that hasn’t stopped Ashes to Ashes actor Nyaniso Dzedze from cheating on several of his previous girlfriends‚ including the current love of his life Yana.

Nyaniso Dzedze Image Credit: Sowetan
Nyaniso Dzedze
Image Credit: Sowetan Live

The hunk admitted to having once been a serial cheater‚ in a frank Facebook discussion with a fan recently.

The star was answering questions from fans when one person asked him if he had ever cheated. Nyaniso‚ who is currently studying a form of therapy called Spiral Healing‚ said that he decided to be as honest as possible in his response.

He told the fan that he had cheated on several of his previous girlfriends and said that he did it because he “was hurting and frustrated” at his past and current emotional challenges and he had no other outlet for it.

He admits that he thought it was okay to do it and did it not think of how it might affect the people he hurt.

“I was hurting a lot…but when I went through Spiral and began my healing. I opened up‚ I learnt how to address my pain‚” he continued.


Nyaniso went on to explain that he hopes that fans can learn from his mistakes and not hurt those they love the most.

“Life’s too short for everyone to make all of life’s mistakes by ourselves… Learn from others mistakes‚” he wrote.

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