FEAR WAS clear to see in the eyes of Matibi Leseka as she showed the SunTeam around her house.

She pointed out the bloodstains, some bright red, some darker, from the bedroom through to the front door.

“The blood chased me as i ran around the house,” said the terrified Matibi.

The 54-year-old Matibi from Sebokeng, Vaal, was preparing for work yesterday morning when she ended up running away from blood chasing her.

When the SunTeam arrived at the house there was already a crowd of neighbours standing outside, but none of them brave enough to go inside.

The man of the house, David Skosana (55), opened the gate.

“I felt as if my spirit was leaving me as I entered the house,” said SunMan Zamokuhle Mdluli.

SunMan Sthembiso Lebuso said: “The smell of blood was everywhere. I could feel my hair standing on end.”

There were splashes of blood everywhere, from the stoep to the kitchen, to the dining room and the bedroom. Some of the clothes and the furniture also had red smears over them.

Matibi said: “I had just got out of bed when blood, coming from the floor, started jumping around my feet. I jumped and moved away but the blood followed me to every room. That’s how all rooms ended up stained.”

“The blood only stopped following me when I went outside.

I was scared that if this blood caught me, something horrible would have happened to me.”

Matibi’s partner David said he was out getting groceries when he got a call to come home.

“When I got there, the blood had stopped following Matibi. She was standing outside, shaking.

“This is scary,” he said.

He said he believed it was witchcraft. He said he inherited the house from his late father. I’d say someone wants us out, but no one has troubled us.”

Matibi and David said they needed a sangoma to cleanse their house.

“Right now we are even afraid to go inside,” they said.

Sarah Malebo (29), a neighbour who rushed to the house when she heard the screaming, said she saw Matibi jumping out of the door as if something was chasing her.

“When I looked inside there was blood all over. This is black magic,” said neighbour Mbali Mhlongo (46).

Sangoma Jabulani Mthimkhulu said the family needed a powerful sangoma to strengthen their home.