Recent reports claimed that a cheating girlfriend got stuck to her lover during s.ex after her man put muthi on her.


Although Afrocache cannot confirm claims that the two got stuck because of muthi, we can confirm that there have been other cases of couples getting stuck together during s.ex.


In the United Kingdom, two listeners on BBC’s radio station confirmed that getting stuck together is no myth.


One listener said that she and her late husband once found themselves in the same predicament.


“It happened to my late husband and myself one night. He literally could not withdraw i.e. was ‘stuck’. I attributed it to the intensity of the vaginal muscle response during orgasm.”


The other listener said that he once got stuck to his lover and it took them a couple of minutes to separate, adding that it was not painful at all.


Medical Daily reported that an Italian couple got stuck together while having s.ex underwater.


“They remained in the water until they caught the attention of a woman walking along the beach, who offered them a towel as they struggled to get back to the shore. The couple solicited medical help by calling a doctor to the scene,” the site reported.


The woman had to be given an injection commonly used to dilate the uterus of pregnant women to help with releasing her lover.


Another way to deal with this awkward situation is to just relax and let the muscles loosen up.


“Should you ever find this actually happening, then both you and your lover need to relax and take the focus off of intercourse and anything s.exy. This allows blood to leave the penis, so that he can withdraw more easily. And her pelvic floor muscles will also relax, as not to clench the shaft,” said Dr. Yvonne Fulbright.


A UK-based s.exual physician confirmed that these cases are credible and possible.


“Dr John Dean, a senior UK-based s.exual physician, says that such accounts are credible examples of a rare phenomenon that doctors sometimes call “penis captivus” (captive penis),” reported the site.


“When the penis is in the vagina it becomes increasingly engorged,” said Dr Dean.


“The muscles of the woman’s pelvic floor contract rhythmically at orgasm. While those muscles contract the penis becomes stuck and further engorged.”


Reports that emerged from Yeoville, Johannesburg this week claim that the cheating woman’s sideguy was warned by his friend that he had placed muthi in his girlfriend’s vagina to ensure that the said friend stays away.


The friend did not buy the story and went on to copulate with his friend’s girlfriend, and they found themselves in a pretty difficult situation.


According to reports, an ambulance had to be called to transport the two to an emergency room.


TimesLIVE reported that a sangoma said locking a woman’s vagina was a common way for men to catch their cheating partners in the act.