As heavy rain was predicted across the drought-stricken Western Cape late on Friday, Pastor Mboro says it is thanks to his prayer for rain that has made God “provide for the people.”

Mboro went to Cape Town this week and embarked on 90 days of prayer, claiming that the Western Cape had been in drought because people had turned to science instead of God.

He said the fact that rain was now predicated cemented his status as a prophet as he knew he has direct access to God.

“It’s a  confirmation that I am a true prophet and whatever that I have promised Cape Town has come to pass.  God answered my prayers and many people witnessed that.”

Mboro, who was in Cape Town on Wednesday, insisted that the water situation still appeared dire until he was in the city and prayed.

“When I got to Cape Town it was blazing hot with no sign of the rain. I started praying and clouds gathered. It was very cloudy then it began to drizzle.”

“I feel the people of Cape Town need to thank me for the rain, or I will pray that it stops raining forever.” Mboro said.

“They said I’m bringing rain to Cape Town sarcastically, but after the rain no one called me for an interview. I should have been on television but no one bothered because no one saw it coming.”

He said he has now returned to Joburg because his mission is complete.