“YOU are not going to see tomorrow.

“I will kill you”!

This was what her angry ex-lover allegedly told Lucia Mputhi.

The 26-year-old mum of two from Sebokeng said the words are still echoing in her ears after she managed to escape from his beating last Tuesday night.

She said she had just arrived home from a kasi nearby and parked her car in the yard. While standing at the gate, said Lucia, her ex-boyfriend and baby daddy went past with his friends. “One stopped to greet me and played with our baby.

“My ex turned back and started asking him why he was standing there when he no longer lived at the house.

“Seeing where this was going, I decided to go inside the house and left them at the gate,” said Lucia.

She said the next thing she heard was her ex accusing his friend of wanting to move in and take his place. “He then came into the house and started to beat me up.

“His friends managed to stop him and left with him,” said Lucia.

But to their shock, the ex apparently returned at about midnight and found Lucia with her friend Nthabiseng Pule (27).

Nthabiseng said on arrival at the house, the ex broke the window in the bathroom and got into the house.

“My friend was already on the way to the kitchen door. He failed to catch her and went for me instead,” said Nthabiseng.

She said he first stabbed her on the forehead before beating her up.

“I was covered in blood after the stabbing. Luckily, Lucia had called the cops.

“When they arrived, they told us to go to sleep and let him go,” she claimed.

The two women said all they want is justice. Cases of assault and malicious damage to property have been opened.

Police spokesman Captain Mavela Masondo said the suspect was arrested but was later released on bail.

He confirmed that a case of malicious damage to property was opened by Lucia and the suspect appeared in court last Thursday and was given bail. He will appear again on 21 February.

“We advise Nthabiseng to open a case of assault as she didn’t. Then we can take action against the suspect,” he said.