FNB has announced the launch of the FNB Banking App 5.0, the latest version for Android and iOS.

App 5.0 includes features such as FNB Pay, Fingerprint ID, Secure Chat, Smart inContact, 1-touch Report Fraud, and support for the FNB Watch App.


FNB Pay is a first for Africa and lets clients buy goods below R200 using their smartphone.

FNB said it also evolved its inContact solution to introduce Smart inContact, which notifies customers of transactions as low as one cent.

It also offers the ability to report fraud with a touch, sending a Smart inContact notification to the FNB Fraud line.

Smart inContact replaces SMS one-time PINs

Smart inContact replaces SMS messages as one-time PINs (OTPs) as a way to approve, reject, or report fraud for online banking transactions.

Logins from unknown or suspicious devices will trigger a Smart inContact notification, allowing clients to verify or reject the device.

FNB said this service is built on FNB’s systems that notify customers of potentially-risky transactions or devices accessing their profiles.

Customers without FNB App 5.0 will continue to receive SMS notifications and OTPs until they update.

Fingerprint ID, Secure Chat, and the Watch App

With App 5.0, users can now authenticate through fingerprint identification – available to Android and iPhone owners – which uses a fingerprint sensor to verify the user.

FNB clients who qualify for premier and private banking services will be able to use Secure Chat to enquire about services or send instructions to their private banking team.

Secure Chat gives customers 24/7 banking support without the risks of phishing or identity theft, said FNB.

The FNB Watch App extends features of the FNB smartphone app onto Android or Apple smartwatches.

To promote the launch of the Watch App, FNB customers can get up to a 40% discount when buying a smartwatch via the eBucks Online shop.

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