It is said that childhood is the best part of your life; you have no responsibilities, no bills to pay and no worries! And this Thursday we felt nostalgic and decided to remember to remember the best parts of our childhood. In our #TBT today, we reminisced about another YoTV child star – Entle Dambuza.

Entle has held various positions in Sales and Marketing and now runs her own boutique marketing agency called, EntleD.

Like other former Yotv stars, things didn’t look up right away for Entle and in an interview on Khaya Fm, she opened up about the day she was raped. This is her story.

On August 29th 2015, Entle Dambuza walked to the entrance of her flat and an unknown gentleman was standing at the entrance of the gate. Because she didn’t know him and because it’s a flat and he could have been waiting for anyone, she didn’t pay any attention to him and just went up into her flat. In her flat, she lived with a friend of hers whom she had a close relationship with and they even shared a bed. When she got into the house, her friend got a phone call and then left. Entle went to sleep and in her sleep, she had a dream.

In 2015 Chris Brown was in South Africa for his very anticipated “X” tour. In her dream he came to South Africa looking for her specifically and when he found her, they had sex. “While Chris Brown penetrated me in the dream I felt a real penetration from the back because I was sleeping on my stomach” she said. When she realised that the penetration was more than a dream, she woke up, turned around and noticed that her rapist was the guy who she saw at the flat entrance downstairs.

“I felt my pants being ripped off and I felt myself being penetrated from the back and because I was on my stomach it was a bit harder for me to push him back, I felt the person climb into bed with me but because I slept with my friend on the same bed and she had just gone out to answer her phone, I thought maybe it was her coming back into bed but to my surprise when I realised what was happening, it was the guy from downstairs”

“What made me even angrier is that the guy had the nerve to say “Why are you shocked you let me in.”

A brave Entle then opened a case against the guy and three times, her case was thrown out of court. On the day she reported the rape, the female 1011 agent that answered her call then dropped the phone on her while she was still talking.

This case she later won and the female agent who refused to attend to her was relieved from her duties. When she was finally able to get help, her case was thrown out of court more than once and the reasons were “did you scream? Did you tell somebody? Did you see his face? Almost as if there’s a procedure one has to follow while they’re getting raped. How ridiculous is it that her case was thrown out because she didn’t scream? Almost as if they didn’t believe her.

Former Yotv presenter speaks out about rape

To add to her traumatic ordeal, she was fired from the job she was working at, at the time by a fellow female.

A female who should have been on her side regardless of how she felt about her personally.

When her case was finally taken back, someone whom she knew stabbed her in the back by giving a false statement and changed their story. “Someone I knew stabbed me in the back and changed their story, they said that I was lying about the whole thing and that I knew the guy so it wasn’t rape, it was consensual sex.” said Entle.

Through it all, Entle kept her faith and at some point, she felt like God told her the rape was about to happen through that dream she had moments before it happened. “Through it all, I kept asking God, God where are you and like always he found me and because of God I am here and happy. Entle went through a series of emergency ARV’s and although 2015 didn’t end too well for her, she is now in a better place.

Entle is now happy and is in a season of happiness so much that she has even forgiven her rapist. Her faith in God lead her to healing and because of him she has found her smile again. She now forgives her rapist and in the spirit of forgiveness she wants to work closely with him as an activist to help both the victims and rapists, to find peace like she did.

Former Yotv presenter speaks out about rape