The Guptas have obtained a warrant to seize property, worth about R180 000, at the EFF’s head office in Johannesburg in order for it to be auctioned off.

According to a writ of execution granted to the Guptas and several of their companies by the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria on Thursday, the sheriff’s office in Johannesburg has been instructed to seize “moveable goods” at the EFF’s headquarters in Braamfontein in order to cover the Guptas’ legal costs relating to an earlier court battle with EFF leader Julius Malema and his party.

In February, High Court Judge Willem Louw granted an interdict in favour of the Guptas and their companies against Malema and the EFF.

Louw ordered the EFF, Malema and EFF Gauteng spokesperson Ntobeng Ntobeng to stop making threats of violence against the brothers, Ajay, Atul and Rajesh Gupta, their companies and the latter’s employees.

The EFF was also ordered to pay the Guptas’ legal costs totalling just more than R140 000. The EFF also owes the Guptas a further R38 000 relating to an unsuccessful attempt by the party to appeal Louw’s decision.

‘They are declaring war on the EFF’

But the EFF claims it has not seen the latest execution order and that the Guptas are “declaring war on the EFF”.

According to Gert van der Merwe, the Guptas’ lawyer, he received a letter from Tumi Mokwena, the EFF’s legal representative in the matter, about two weeks ago.

Mokwena allegedly said that the EFF still wanted to appeal the interdict granted in February, but according to Van Der Merwe, the EFF had missed the deadline before which they had to petition the court to appeal the interdict.

EFF general secretary Gordich Gardee claimed the party had never received a “tax bill” and were not aware of the execution order granted to the Guptas.

“The court order must be served. The question is, has it been served to the EFF or is it being served to the EFF through the media. Is that how a court order must be served?” asked Gardee.

“If there is a tax bill and a demand for payment, they know the offices, they will come here and drop it,” said Gardee.

“And if we have a problem that it is too high, we have an option to go to court and contest the amount. If we think it is a fair amount, we will just pay.

“They are declaring war on the EFF. Whether it is genuine or fake (the execution order), we will send it to our lawyers and they will tell us what (happens) next,” Gardee said.

Mokwena has undertaken to provide News24 with a response.