IT STARTED when his nipples wouldn’t stop growing and soon it looked as if he had the perky breasts of a young woman.

And if it does not stop soon he will have to start wearing a bra!

He spends his days indoors, ashamed of how he looks, and when he does go out he wears a jersey no matter how hot it is.

The sad young man from Mount Royal, Durban, who does not want his identity revealed, said his problem started a few years ago.

He told Daily Sun he lost the love of his life early last year because of his boobs.

“She asked me about my boobs and then left. A few days later she dumped me.”

Whenever he fights with his current girlfriend she says that there is nothing he can tell her.

“We are both women,” he complained.

“I went to the Poly Clinic in KwaMashu in June and nurses said it was a side effect of ARVs – but I don’t use ARVs,” he said.

“I fear I will be forced to wear a bra if they continue to grow.”

His mum (50) said he spends most of his time at home.

“This is destroying him,” she said.

President of the Traditional Healers’ Association Sazi Mhlongo said the young man should consult an inyanga for muthi to force his boobs back.

When contacted, Agiza Hlongwane of the health department asked for the patient’s contact number as they did not want to discuss a patient with a newspaper.

The man told Daily Sun the department arranged for blood samples to be taken at King Edward Hospital.

“Doctors said the samples will be sent for tests.” They said they would call him with the results.

The department failed to respond to emails. The patient said he is getting help.