After graduating from the New York Film Academy earlier this year, actress Natasha Thahane is back in Mzansi.

In a recent interview on Metro FM, the 22 year-old told DJ Fresh that her time in the States was not the easiest even though she had some sort of support structure.

“Sometimes it was hard, I cried because I wanted to go home, like it’s so hard, I need food I don’t want this food, I want good food, I want my grannies pap, I just wanna be with my family and just to feel my mom’s hug, especially when they criticize you at school, and the lecturers are like: ‘No, you should prepare more, you should do this…I just learned that there’s so much that I need to learn,” she said.

Now that she is back in the country, the young actress also felt the need to set the record straight regarding her rumoured ‘relationship’ with rapper A-Reece saying  “He’s such a great guy, nothing happened, he’s an amazing person though,” in another interview on Touch HD.

“I’m so good at my job guys, I act, to a point where people think it’s real, I’m a professional friend zoner, I even didn’t wanna kiss him in the first video…my boyfriend is a lucky man,” she added.