A Mitchell’s Plain man has been left traumatised after he was robbed by men posing as buyers responding to his Gumtree ad.

Nazmie Lakay says he was held at gunpoint by four men earlier this month.

It happened while he was trying to sell his car on Gumtree.
Lakay says when he met up with a potential buyer in Goodwood, he was told he needed to drive to N1 City Mall where he would get the money for the car.

But once at the mall, Lakay was held at gunpoint and forced to drive to Tyger Valley where he was forced to withdraw money from an ATM.

“They forced me to go pull [withdraw] the money and I just did it because my life is at risk. One went with me inside the bank and the other one was standing outside.”

Eyewitness News spoke to another victim who says a similar incident happened to him in Lansdowne.

“Be very careful, number one, and if they do see it on Gumtree, they can either meet at the police station where they can be safe.”

Gumtree spokesperson Claire Cobbledick says trust and safety are their main priorities and the online company has invested in additional software.

“You can either phone somebody if they put their number into the ad. But if they reply through our system, even if they are not logged in we can track that communication. We always encourage people to actually use the messaging system.”

Lakay says the robbers took money amounting R17,000.

The Saps has confirmed that the matter has been reported.