Talent Sithole (22) was told by people that his wife Lydia Moses was having an affair and the only way for him to believe was to see her in action.

As such, he followed her to see how she does it with her alleged lover.

After watching her in action it haunted him for a day before telling her what he saw.

Out of anger, he stabbed her twice and she sustained injuries leading to his arrest.

Appearing before the magistrate Shepherd Mjanja, Sithole pleaded guilty citing that he failed to control his temper.

The court heard that on 29 August, Sithole after getting information that his wife was sleeping with one of their neighbours followed at a distance without her noticing.

She got to a certain house where she had s_exual intercourse with a certain man and Sithole peeped through the window and watched them.

He didn’t say a word to the lovers and returned home.

When his wife returned, he kept quiet only to ask her on the following day resulting in a misunderstanding.

He then took a knife and stabbed her twice.

The presiding magistrate convicted him on his own plea of guilty to six months imprisonment of which three months were suspended on condition of good behaviour and for the remaining three months will perform 105 hours of community service.

Moses confirmed in court that she had se_x with another man.