The G-spot. A mythical creature whose name is whispered along with others like unicorns and dragons. A creature so elusive, most have decided to relegate it to the back of their mind altogether.

And that was the conventional thinking, unless of course your man is an enlightened man or a doctor…

Whatever the case may be, there have been many an unhappy marriages simply because the couple’s sex life is thoroughly unsatisfying. Many a wife can be heard complaining that her men isn’t as attentive to her needs anymore. On the flip-side, many a lad will tell you that their woman takes no responsibility for their pleasure. They seem to believe that simply being there is enough.

Enter one man, a man or a savior depending on how you see things. A savior or problem. However you choose to look at it; enter one man to save seemingly unhappy couples.

That man, teaches couples how to rekindle the flame and women how to take responsibility for their own pleasure. A man whose job is to harmonize even the most unwilling libidos.

Maurice is the man who plays the vagina as if it were a guitar. Maurice is the lad who can make a lass come with 5 simple touches. Sounds too good to be true aye? I was skeptical when I was first heard about him.

You see, no man wants to ask for or receive help in such an area of his life. What would people think of me as a man if I were to ask for help to please my woman? From what I hear, the best thing about him is that he is discrete if that is what you need.

So how does he work? With his hands. Like I said earlier, this man plays the vagina like a guitar and the results are nothing short of magical.