Boredom, opportunity and revenge are some of the reasons men r.ape and s.e.xually assault children.

Last week, the Saartjie Baartman Centre shared r.ape statistics they compiled using a number of reports.

The stats revealed that one in three men said they r.aped out of boredom, particularly in child r.ape cases.

“Most men start to r.ape in their teenage years, between 15 and 19. More than half of the men that have r.aped a girl younger than 15 say they did it to ‘have fun’ or ‘as part of a game.”

Half of the men said they r.aped children out of opportunity, as they believed the child would not tell.

Deborah Ho-Chung was s.e.xually abused by her aunt’s husband from when she was nine years old, until she turned 16.

Ho-Chung said the abuse stopped when she told the relative that she would kill him in his sleep if he didn’t stop touching her.

“When there is any kind of abnormal behaviour then you should worry. We are not saying you have to be paranoid about all men around your child, but it’s about having the knowledge. The information is all there on the internet.”

She said some of the signs include self-injury, inadequate hygiene and drug and alcohol abuse.

She said the effects of s.e.xual abuse or assault were lasting and, now 57, she has been diagnosed with a personality disorder.

“The emotional scars are there. It touches every aspect of your life and the worst are the psychological disorders. It’s not so much the s.e.xual thing, you can get over the s.e.xual thing. Everyone is different but there is always a whole lot of damage at the other end.”

The Tears Foundation provides access to crisis intervention, advocacy, counselling, and prevention education services for those impacted by domestic violence, s.e.xual assault and child s.e.xual abuse.

The organisation’s Charlene Roberson said there is a wide range of reasons men r.ape.

“It could even be for revenge on the mother of the child or a family member that takes care of the child. It is never because of s.e.xual urge, it is always about control.”

Chairperson of the Mitchells Plain Impact Association, Joanie Fredericks said they are dedicated to eradicating s.e.xual violence, but stressed it was something everyone needs to be dedicated to.

“While we seek for ways to address the issue of violence against women, children and men please reach out and be a support to that victim because she/he has gone through too much already. Hold them up and support them and work with us in stopping these s.e.xual attacks on the vulnerable from happening in the first place.”