A GAMER from Sydney, Australia who livestreamed himself assaulting his pregnant wife has been arrested. According to news.com.au, a gamer who calls himself MrDeadMoth was playing the popular game Fortnite on Twitch on Monday.

At first the fight with his wife was vicious words.

She was angry with him because she had made dinner for him an hour ago but he refused to leave his computer to go and eat.

To her pleas for reason, the 26-year-old man screams mean words like: “Go away, f**k, leave me alone. Just leave me alone for 10 f**king minutes of your life. Why don’t you listen?”

“F**k off you dog, you don’t pay the f**king bills,” he adds at a later point.

His wife and two kids can be heard crying in the background.

They have two daughters aged three and 20 months.

The gamer then got up from his computer and the sound of a slap can be heard.

His 21-year-old wife sobs louder off camera, as he says: “How many times do I have to tell you? I said I’d be out soon.”

“You hear that, all those people there,” his wife tells the livestream.

“I cooked him dinner an hour ago and he refuses to eat it,” she adds.

The livestream went viral on Twitter.

In a statement, local cops said: “While the woman was not seriously injured she was distressed and shaken by the incident.

An apprehended violence order has been served.”