How to firm and tighten loose vaginal walls! Creams, herbs and exercises you can use to reverse the loss of vagina elasticity from childbirth, hormonal changes, and aging.

Tightening creams
There are several creams on the market that offer to offer the sensation of tighter vaginal walls. These include: V-Tight, and IsoSensuals TIGHT.

The Promise: V-Tight promises to make you feel “younger and rejuvenated” by contracting and restoring suppleness to the vaginal walls. IsoSensuals TIGHT offers to reverse the loss of vagina elasticity from childbirth, hormonal changes, and aging.

What Do They Contain: Both the creams above contain the powerful astringent, Manjakani Extract.

How Do They Work: Manjakani Extract is a natural medical ingredient that has skin tightening properties. When applied to the “love” region, it improves blood flow, making the vagina swell, resulting in a tighter feeling.

Does It Work: The reviews are surprising positive. More than 80% of the women who tried these creams are surprised that they work and that they can feel the tightness difference inside though many also claims that the effect only last a few hours after application.

Potential Side Effects: A small percentage of women who use the creams says it causes vaginal irritation and yeast infections.

Conclusion: May be worth trying if you only want to temporarily tighten your vagina to enhance your sexual sensation and satisfaction.

Herb: Curcuma Comosa
Curcuma comosa is a flowering plant in the ginger family, native to much of Asia, including Thailand and Malaysia. Taking a 400mg capsule of Curcuma comosa daily is beneficial for tightening vaginal walls and treating vaginal prolapse.

What Does It Contain: Curcuma comosa contains phytoestrogens.

How Does It Work: Phytoestrogen mimics natural oestrogen in the body, helping to thicken vaginal walls that have been weakened with age.

Does It Work: It has been found to be successful for some more mature women.

Potential Side Effects: Vulva itching and redness, as well as generalized itching, have been reported in some women.

Conclusion: It’s definitely worth trying for post-menopausal women, but be aware of skin reactions.

Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera is a plant commonly found in the Caribbean. It yields a gelatinous substance (also known as Aloe Vera) that is thought to have curative properties.

How Does It Work: It works by lubricating the vaginal walls, and by strengthening the muscles to prevent prolapse.

Does It Work: There is no actual evidence that it works, though anecdotal evidence from some users is positive.

Potential Side Effects: If you use a 100% aloe vera salve, it is generally safe, although it may increase the risk of bleeding and lower blood sugar.

Conclusion: It may be worth trying, but it lacks evidence to support its use.

Kegel Exercises
Kegel exercises, also known as pelvic floor exercises, strengthen the pelvic floor (that sling that supports the vagina and pelvic organs). Kegel exercises are a great form of discrete exercise that you can do at any time, whether you’re waiting for a train, lying in the bath, or working at your desk.

First, before you can exercise your pelvic floor muscles, anytime and anywhere, make sure you’re exercising the right muscle group. Many women mistakenly tighten their anus, stomach and core, rather than their pelvic floor.