BAFANA Bafana are nowhere and the Springboks have fallen from grace.

But there’s one crown Mzansi can still claim . . . although most would say it’s a shame.

That’s because Mzansi phuza youth are back – spending the holidays getting hammered!

At gig after gig, party after party, more and more young men and women are getting tanked – to the point of passing right out.

A popular pastime of many youths seems to be drink till you drop. Photo: Facebook

Their blackout pictures are now breaking out over the internet as they do the rounds on Facebook.

The shocking pics prove again that Mzansi, without a doubt, remains one of the highest consumers of alcohol in the world.

Angry social media users slammed the drunkards.

On Facebook, commenting on the picture of a young, passed-out woman, Seipati Sehanka said: “This is the reason why I do not drink too much!”

Another Facebooker, Mathako Phakoane, asked: “Whose daughter is this, people?”

A nurse and community activist from Ga-Rankuwa, north of Tshwane, Nenge Songwane, said youths are pressed to drink until they are drunk, and often feel the need to be a part of every social gathering.

Photos of drunken young people and those of others washing their hands in alcohol have surfaced on social media. Photo: Facebook

“They do not realise that drinking too much can lead to serious health problems,” she said.

She said youngsters also ended up in unnecessary debt because they spend all their money on booze.

“The consequences of drinking have a negative impact on all of us,” she said.

She said people who started drinking while young were more likely to drink to excess.