The actress took to her instagram to reveal she would remain a “Virgin” until after marriage..She wrote on instagram: I present my body a living sacrifice to you #dontmindwaiting #nosexuntilmarriage

Trust Nigerians to come for her! Many felt she posted the above comment to garner attention, while others think it’s a good decision.

The pervs? They said, “Virgin…and she’s sucking….D”..LOL



Recall in a recent chat with the media, the Actress spoke about how she got on Jenifa’s Diary.

How did you find yourself on the set of Jenifa’s Diary?

I always say that it’s a miracle because I just went for the auditions like every other person. The audition was supposed to start by 10’o clock but I got there around 8am thinking that I was very early, but I was number 273 on the list. I was so surprised because the crowd was so much and at a point, I felt like going back home, but my mum encouraged me to stay. When I got into the audition room, I saw Aunty Funke, the director and some other people that were auditioning. I read the script, though I was nervous because I knew that a lot of people had auditioned before me, so I wasn’t really expecting anything. After the audition, they said they’ll get back to me, and I said okay because that’s what everybody says. Then Aunty Funke promised to call every one of us that even if we don’t get major roles, we will all appear on Jenifa’s diary. And so far so good, she has kept to her words because so many people who did not get major roles have appeared in the series one way or the other.