US President Barack Obama’s half-brother Malik Obama is set to attend Wednesday night’s third presidential debate – as Donald Trump’s guest, The Telegraph reports.

Malik, who possesses a dual citizenship in both Kenya and the US, has previously expressed his support for the Republican candidate, while even backing Trump over allegations of sexual misconduct laid against him by several women in the past.

Malik Obama
Malik Obama

“I’m excited to be at the debate. Trump can make America great again,” Malik Obama told the New York Post.

Malik revealed that he was previously a lifelong supporter of the Democrats but switched sides due to “deep disappointment” over his brother’s administration.

“Looking back, he made so many promises when he was running for president.”

“But look at the Middle East right now. It’s a mess. People are being killed all over the place; Berlin, Florida, France, Brussels. And look at the situation in Iraq right now,” he was quoted as saying.

Malik, who is three years older than his brother, has also attempted to run for office in Kenya, but lost the race in 2013 when he lost to the governor of Siaya county.