EFF’s commander Julius Malema has issued what seems to be a threat to EFF Councillors, ordering them to remit half of their salaries to the party or get kicked out.

Malema Warns EFF Councillors
Malema Warns EFF Councillors

The councillors were ordered to hand over half their salaries for the next three months to recover money spent during the local government elections, party leader Julius Malema said on Monday. For those who choose not to comply, the party’s leader, Malema says they are stealing from the organisation and would be decisively dealt with.

Briefing media on resolutions the party’s leadership took over the weekend, Malema said the 826 EFF Councillors needed to repay the party for all it cost them in campaigning for the elections.

“You had your faces on the posters, you had T-shirts, and you had all types of support. Where do you think that money came from?”

Malema asked in a way to prove that the party receives no financial aid from outsiders. “Our party is supported and financed by its own members,” he said. “When we went to deduct the money from his account, he went back to the bank and reversed that transaction. It is an open clear defiance of the organisation,” he said.

Despite the claim by the party that it spent only R1 million on the 2016 local elections, report has it that the party accrued a lot of debt campaigning for the elections, having taken out a loan worth millions from Standard Bank to fund it.

The party already expelled its Mpumalanga provincial secretary for failing to comply to the order. While the DA takes 2% of its MPs’ earnings, the EFF deducts 15% and says expense claims are not welcome.

A number of the EFF councillors are not happy with the party’s decision saying this was a full-time job and it was unreasonable to ask anyone to give up half their pay.