SOME ACTIVITIES are too private to be taken to the streets – or to a tavern.

But these two weren’t worried that they were surrounded by a cheering crowd.


The name of the tavern where this real live porn movie took place is not known, but apparently it comes from a tavern in Tshwane.

The woman, allegedly so excited at hearing her favourite song, could not control herself.

She stood up, pulled her skirt up over her hips, kneeled over the table she was sharing with friends and started dancing and twirking.

She was not wearing panties.

Then a male companion joined the action and started licking her exposed punani. After a few wild seconds the woman turned around, sitting down on her naked backside, making it easier for the man to get his face between her open legs.

After about a minute, the two calmly sat down at the table, sharing a drink, leaving the crowd amazed at what they had just seen. The video has mostly been met with anger.

porn in tarven

Refiloe Khunou, a cultural expert from Alexandra, said women who show their bodies in public are disrespectful.

“Irrespective of anything else, women, especially grown women, should respect their bodies,” said Khunou.

“We condemn this behaviour that seems to becoming the norm in our society.”

Pastor Faith Zulu said: “Godly women are not slaves to any substance, any amusement or any fashion or attitude that does not please their master in heaven. Women have involved themselves in lust and drunkenness. They should not do these things and not be enslaved to anything but Christ.”

Some Facebookers were disgusted by what they saw, while others applauded the two.

Some irritated social media followers on Facebook expressed anger over the video, which the People’s Paper has seen.

Tshepang Ramaedi wrote: “Once a pig, always a pig.”

Kagiso Mogale wrote: “Basadi ba bangwe gaba ikgatalele – meaning some woman don’t respect themselves.

Leshabe Rampedi said: “Eish, some guys. You put your mouth on shit.”

Dimakzo Motloung said: “Haole mosadi o tlameha ho ihlompha mxm,” which means: When you are a woman you must respect yourself.