American actor Omari Hardwick has just been announced at the new ambassador for local beer brand Castle Lite.
The actor from the hit TV series Power will in the next three days film the summer campaign in Cape Town.


“I have tasted Castle Lite. I love it. The green bottle is what makes it interesting. I have been a beer drinker since college. It’s interesting that you watch so many celebrities and the brands that they uphold or endorse a brand – they get paid a lot of money for that. You then wonder when you see the commercial that did they partake, even an ounce. So it was very cool to be involved in something that I will be literally involved in,” said of the collaboration.

Asked about his first impression of the country, at the press conference held in Sandton to make the announcement he replied.

“I haven’t seen much of South Africa yet, was talking to someone about Cape Town vs Jo’burg. It was ironic because I would have hit West Africa, prior, then a family emergency was the reason for it not to happen. It’s interesting to first start out in South Africa.”

“You are not an American of a conscious if you are not following Mandela’s work to unite a country. This would be the first place that I would imagine that God would want to be first.”

power ghost

Hardwick said he will be channelling his on-screen persona Ghost during the campaign.

“Ghost is confident, cool and impressive. He even makes me cooler. Omari is ok, but Ghost is cooler,” Hardwick joked during the announcement.

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