You’ve heard these kinds of stories from your friends at brunch. Maybe you’ve even experienced them firsthand. Frankly, either way, who doesn’t want to know the weird stuff that goes on behind closed doors?! From the weird and wacky to just plain offensive, our readers have some seriously funny stories about what they’ve been asked to do in bed.


“I took a second date back to my place, and we started fooling around on my couch,” says one 29-year-old Nigerian reader. “He leaned in and whispered, I want to put it in your ass.’ And that’s when I told him there would be no third date!”

“An ex boyfriend had a foot fetish he didn’t tell me about until a few months into our relationship,” says a 27-year-old woman. “I found out when he popped my big toe into his mouth without asking. Only after I yanked my foot away did he ask, Oh, would you rather suck on mine?’ Um, no!”

“Apparently my ex saw too much Orange Is the New Black, because he asked me to edge (edging implies that you want to participate in a lengthy, intense, s.ex-play scene,From gay scene, involves actions and techniques that get you close to o.rgasm and hold it “at the edge” for a long time even hours)’ him,” says a 23-year-old woman. “He didn’t think he could stop before having an o.rgasm by himself, so he asked me to do it. He swore it made his next o.rgasm more intense—but at the time, I remember thinking, Why wouldn’t you just want to or.gasmnow?

“I was on a date with a guy I’d met through a dating app, and after a few drinks, the conversation turned toward s.ex,” says a 28-year-old woman. “He asked me if I’d ever had a thr.eesome. I very uncomfortably and sarcastically joked that I hadn’t had the opportunity, and he actually said he could set one up for that night! I could not get the check fast enough.”

“My husband likes to put his p.enis between my breasts,” says a 27-year-old South African reader. “When he first asked, I was like, really? But it really turns him on, so even though it does nothing for me, it’s hard to say no when he loves it so much!”

And a few more popular (but anonymous) responses we’ve gotten:

“He asked me to slap him in the face.”

“He wanted to me to choke him. Like, actually cut off the air flow.”

“He wanted me to lick his ass.”