Luckily there’s a world sporting event to distract us from our health – the Rio Olympics.

Commenting on the top search trends‚ Google SA said on Friday: “The week after the Local Government Elections‚ and it looks like South Africans have already moved on from politics. Voting week saw election-related searches trending 18 times‚ but the latest search trends paint a different picture. Coalitions currently being fiercely negotiated between political parties didn’t crack the top ten”.

The Olympics have captured local search attention this week‚ with the search terms ‘South Africa vs Iraq’ trending yesterday‚ ‘Olympics’ trending on Wednesday with over 200‚000 searches as well as ‘Simone Biles’‚ Rio Olympics 7s’‚ ‘Chad le Clos’‚ and ‘South Africa vs Denmark’ all trending since Monday.

In answer to some of the questions posed‚ there 42 Olympic sports in the 2016 event‚ including golf and rugby sevens for the first time. Altogether there are 306 events over 19 days of competition.

So far‚ Team SA has won four medals – two silvers from swimming‚ a silver from rowing and a bronze from the rugby sevens team.

The top trending questions on Google SA this week were:

1. How to start a blog

2. How many sports are in the Olympics?

3. What is bipolar?

4. What is climate change?

5. How to stop coughing

6. What is lupus?

7. How many countries are in the Olympics?

8. What to do when you are bored

9. How to get rid of stretch marks

10. How to trace a number.