Did your Samsung Galaxy phone catch on fire? No biggie! Just download Xtinguishr, the exciting new app that will probably* put out your phone fire safely!

As soon as your phone explodes into an incredibly dangerous inferno, simply scroll through your list of apps, open Xtinguisher, type in your personal 9-digit passcode, and then choose the correct extinguishing power for your current situation.


“This app is the BEST!!” wrote one App Store reviewer. “I luv the cartoon fire extinguisher who talks to u when u open the app. No it didnt put out the fire on my phone, but so wat. 4 stars.”

“Best app ever!!!!” wrote another. “My hand burned off while waiting for it to load, but I never to stop texting for even a second. 10/10 would recommend.”

*Disclaimer: we haven’t actually tested it yet with an actual fire.