ON FRIDAY, Traditional Healers Organisation members received primary healthcare certificates in Site C, Khayelitsha.

Over 20 members from Kraaifontein, Strand, Stellenbosch and Khayelitsha stressed that they are against healers who kill innocent people for their body parts.

Mandisa “Mamushe” Santi (61) said their organisation was founded in 1970 as they noticed that traditional healers, were being undermined and labelled “witchdoctors”.

She said she doesn’t approve of those who use body parts to make muthi.

“The sangomas who graduated here today were doing a primary health course because even though we are traditional healers, we still need to do research so we help our people.

“Traditionals healers who use body parts need to stop doing such evil things in the name of healing, because we only use muthi we get from the bush.

“If we catch them, we will report them,” said Mamushe.

The graduates also received permits that allow them to travel anywhere with their herbs.

Mamushe said: “Now that we have these permits, no one will arrest us if we travel from Durban with our herbs.

“We can just show our licences and continue on our journey,” she said.

Thozamile Finini (39) said they will use the knowledge they gained to heal people by focusing on their medical needs first.

“This is important because now we can heal them, knowing exactly what they are suffering from.”

Thozamile said if people need medical attention, they will refer them to hospital first before helping them.

The traditional healers learned what causes diarrhoea and how to treat it, HIV/Aids awareness and more.

Thozamile said: “When people come to us for help, the first thing we do is check if that person needs medical help.

“That is because most people tend to run away from the truth.”

Mamushe said: “It is important for traditional healers to learn as much as they can.

“This is to make their job easy, as they will now know exactly what people need, instead of giving them herbs for problems they don’t have.”