An unusual phenomenon has been trending in the South African Cyberspace. It is the introduction and sale of s.e.x robots fused with Human Artificial Intelligence.

A few days ago, raunchy pictures of a female version of the s.e.x dolls started making rounds on the internet with many South Africans and celebrities alike criticizing the trend while others are of the opinion that it is worthwhile.

The female dolls with thighs, breasts, and buttocks of different sizes, reportedly cost about N800,000. Producers say it is hypersensitive to human touch.

One of the notable reactions came from award winning South African singer, Wizkid, who said it seems those who created the s.e.x dolls and were selling it for that high amount “forgot the price of a commercial s.e.x worker on the streets.”

A South African blogger, Nandy Mlomo, even went as far as sharing a picture of herself on twitter in comparison with the s.e.x dolls.

Most of the female folks who weighed in hugely criticized the trend, stressing that a doll can never be compared to a human being; while some men argued that the dolls will save a lot of drama that a normal relationship comes with.

“Men want to start having s.e.x with dolls, rubber made dolls, dolls made from synthetic rubbish. Some of you are animals and I’m here to tell you,” Darasimi, a Twitter user wrote.

“I guess these dolls will also cook for you and do home chores,” another female user wrote.

“Some ladies are already shuddering and panicking over a s.e.x doll. They’re the ones that have nothing but s.e.x to offer in a relationship,” @shawnife wrote.

“Ladies should get ready to fight over their man with these s.e.x dolls,” a male user teased.

According to Daily Star UK online, one of the most interactive female s.e.x dolls named Harmony was unveiled in April 2017 by Cyborg developer of Realbotix, Matt McMullen.

Mr. McMullen’s company, RealBotix is one of the biggest s.e.x doll manufacturers in the world, based in San-Diego, California.

An App created by the company allows users to synchronise a bespoke AI personality with robotic head, creating an eerily life-like android companion that talks, learns and satisfies s.e.xual desires.

At present, only female versions of Harmony avatars and robotic heads are available to download and pre-order for around £11,000 ($15,000), depending on customisations.

Matt told Daily Star Online he is aiming to release a male version of Harmony in 2018, which he is yet to name.

Male s.e.x doll

“We’re working on a male version of the robot AI,” he said.