The Soweto derby is a long-standing South African tradition, but there are many who are virgins to the experience. Tickets have sold out and will not be available at the venue. If you still don’t have a ticket, it’s better to catch the action on your TV or nearest sports pub than to take a chance at the FNB stadium.

However, if you got the early bird tickets and are ready to break the Soweto derby ice, this survival kit will help you make the most of the thrilling sporting event.

Make a plan for parking
For football lovers, tensions start running high long before match day. The last thing you want is to be at the stadium parking lot arguing about space with an anxious, over-energetic and vuvuzela-wielding soccer fan. To avoid this, arrive early and find out exactly where you can park.

Comfy clothes
Also consider that you might have to park a distance from the venue, so wear shoes that were made for walking. Public transport is probably your best bet and there are provisions for pedestrians.

Throw some shade
Shelter is not guaranteed at the calabash, as the FNB stadium is fondly known. You might end up sitting on the stands where there is no cover. There, you will literally be at the mercy of the Johannesburg sun which, according to the weather service, will be blasting a scorching 29 degrees this Saturday. Wear a cap and invest in sunscreen. Unless you want to test the wrath of other spectators, make sure your protective hat isn’t so big it blocks the view of those seated behind you.

Hydrate is the word for the day
With the erratic jumping, enthusiastic singing, chastising players for missing goals and screaming at the coach for fielding your least favorite players, you will work up quite the sweat. Keep fluids handy.

Keep calm
With that being said, your empty water bottle is not to be used as a weapon. Resist the urge to throw it at the coach or players when things don’t go as you hoped for your team.

For veteran fans, the timing of this Soweto derby is especially significant because it falls on payday weekend and promises to be lit