Dar es Salaam — The government has revoked the registration of more than 400 dormant newspapers whose owners failed to abide by the registration

Announcing the move, information minister, Nape Nnauye said the papers were deregistered after failing to issue publications for three consec

Mr Nnauye said the government gazetted its intent to revoke the registration of the dormant newspapers back in 2013, and that a total of 550 newspapers were listed for the axe.

“After our 2013 announcement, only 77 newspapers promised to get back to active publication and will be on sale, the rest, about 443 others failed to confirm their return to the market and are therefore subjected to the ban,” he said.

The minister warned that anyone who would violate the ban and publish the newspapers by any means would face legal action as specified under section 229 (6) of the Newspapers Act. If owners of any of the deregistered papers want to return to business, they would be required to start the registration process afresh.