Relegated Ajax Cape Town have been reinstated to their 15th position in the 2017/18 Absa Premiership table.

This follows after Judge Fischer handed down a new verdict on the Tendai Ndoro case, ruling out the previous ruling of Advocate Mokhari. This has, in the meantime, made the latest promotion/relegation play-offs invalid, and the Premier Soccer League is expected to respond.

Supporters Club members have reacted to the new ruling, with some giving suggestions as to what could be the best solution to this seemingly neverending saga.

“This won’t work, the play-offs have been done with already. If the PSL agrees to the court’s ruling, then Ajax must play in the relegation play-offs, which I don’t think will happen at this time. This will destabilise the league. This case was supposed to be concluded before the play-offs for the league to reshuffle the teams.” – smallist

“Ajax Cape Town are on the jumping castle this off-season. Going up-down, up-down between the PSL and the NFD. They’ll be the fittest and most flexible of teams come the new season, I tell you.” – Matome_Kay

“What a mess! I’m interested to see how the PSL will sort this out; they must resolve it fast, yeses maan. With only four weeks before the league must resume, it will be beyond me to think how they’ll tackle it.” – Bukwayinja

“Let’s wait and see what the next step will be, but this ruling will make a lot of changes. Yoooh, and it will be unfair for Leopards to replay these so-called play-offs.” – @SCHUSTE

“It’s time for the league to have 18 teams now. The PSL is big enough now, we must have 20 teams by the 2020/21 season.” –

“Having 18 teams is the only way to resolve this dispute. We welcome Cosmos in advance.” – Jujunator2016

“Make it 18 teams like before, maaaaaan.” – wash & wear

“What a mess!” – Mshayiwamateam