CHICKEN feet seller Odensia Lememe (24) heard a knock on her door.

She thought it was a customer coming to buy her chicken feet, and invited the knocker in.

But instead of producing money, two men stepped inside her rented room and pulled out a gun! The thugs told Odensia and her lover, Diaz Seshene (33), to sit on the floor.

They demanded chicken feet.

Shocked, the couple begged for their lives and pointed the thugs to one of the buckets.

The thugs then also demanded their cellphones and cash before fleeing on foot.

Odensia said the thugs must have followed her home.

She said she usually sold her chicken feet, gizzards and livers at a corner in KwaThema extension 3, Ekurhuleni.

“I ran out of stock and I went to buy more for the following day, and then went home.

“I did not realise there were people following me.”

Odensia said immediately after getting into her room, she heard a knock on the door

“Two men came in and one pointed a gun at me. I was with my boyfriend and they instructed us to sit on the floor.

“They also demanded money. I took out R150 that I kept between the bed mattress and base and gave it to them.

“They demanded more. I told them to take the R100 under the DVD player. They also took three cellphones,” she said.

They also took her bag, which had inside it passports, bank cards, three shirts and a driver’s licence.

Captain Thabo Sibuyi of KwaThema police said no shots were fired. He said they were looking for the suspects. Anyone who has information should contact Crime Stop on 08600 10111