A Twitter account run in the name of Buhle Mkhize turned an otherwise dull Tuesday evening into one filled with cutting threats and detailed explanations into the alleged affair between Buhle and Malusi Gigaba.

Although the validity of the account could not be proven, Norma Gigaba and Buhle Mkhize haven’t stopped being a talking point after Norma’s eNCA interview was aired earlier this week.

In the interview, Norma questioned why Buhle revealed she supposedly had an affair with Malusi just weeks before their wedding.

Meanwhile, Twitter sat back with a big bowl of popcorn and watched.








‘Mkhize’, who is now married, has opened a Twitter account responding to Norma’s interview. She said she was not going to sit by and watch Norma “lie” to the public. In fact, Mrs Gigaba should have refused to speak about the affair, as everyone had moved on from it, said ‘Mkhize’.

“Could you have not declined answering that question @normzmngoma? I get interview requests on it all the time but I decline,” she wrote.

Tweeting the minister directly, the woman calling herself Mkhize further warned Gigaba to keep his wife on a leash or she would reveal more details about their affair.

“Stop her from ever bringing this up again or they’ll hear about December 18, you know me and documenting, I don’t slip @mgigaba.

“Let’s not forget the private jet Joburg to Durban @mgigaba. Shocker !!!. You’ve never met the Guptas angithi?”

‘Mkhize’ said Norma should have just kept quiet and live her life quietly, but now secrets that have long been kept would come out, she threatened.

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