A 36-year-old woman based in Durban is in trouble with the long arm of the law after a disturbing footage of her bo_nking her own 10-year-old son found its way to giant social networks,iMzansi has learnt.

According to a report,the offender has shifted all the blame on alcohol she had consumed at regular intervals on the fateful day.

”I wouldn’t do that with a sober mind we all know that, I love my son as much as I love myself,I respect him too and I’m proudly a ZCC church goer,I’m a respected figure too at my church and my community,I would like to take this moment to apologize for what happened,I promise it won’t happen again”,said the troubled woman,whose name is being withheld until the investigations are complete.

According to an affidavit, dated 10/01/2017, Number 5487952 submitted by the offender at Durban police station,she was so ‘drunk’ and over excited that she engaged in a se_xual act with her 10-year-old son at the beach in full public view. She was unaware that onlookers were recording a video!

”We would like to thank the whistle-blower who submitted the visual evidence to us, we would also like to make sure that this shameless woman ‘faces the music’ so that she sends a clear message to the community and other ‘potential offenders’,said the SAPS officer who commented on condition of anonymity.

We have trimmed the video for the sake of sensitive viewers but below is a glimpse of what actually took place on that day.Watch the video here..