He should have at least made sure the Gusheshe was in perfect condition before making a spectacle of himself.

This man wanted all the attention when he decided to take his old-looking Gusheshe for a spin on the streets. He did get the whistles while all was going well, but the car just could not handle the attention, as it broke down after just a few spins.

A video posted on Facebook by Xola Meni shows a man spinning his Gusheshe to a crowd of people whistling and clapping hands in encouragement. The spinning went on for some time while the back tyres struggled under the pressure. The tyres can be seen breaking out of the car, and the car ends up sitting on its back rims.

Though some laughed, the whistling did not stop.

We guess he won’t be taking his car for a spin for a very long time, or ever, depending on how bad the damage was.

Watch the video below: