BOTH mum and daughter suffer from terrible pain and wounds on their legs, so the cost of seeing zangoma and doctors is double.

But neither Western nor traditional healers have been able to help and Elsie (78) and Mmapula Manyako (48) are desperate.

Mmapula, from Wonderkop near Brits, North West said her left leg started swelling 25 years ago but she didn’t think too much of it.

In 2002, it began to get more painful and today, it has a gaping wound and she’s in constant pain.

She’s unable to move about.

“I cannot sleep at night or do anything. This leg is painful and smells,’’ said Mmapula.

Both of her mum’s legs are swollen and are full of small holes which have a smelly discharge.

Elsie said: “I cannot remember the last time I stood on my own two feet. We have gone to every doctor for help. Traditional healers have taken our money but we are still suffering.

“None of them ever told us what we are really suffering from. We don’t have money and need help.’’

Daily Sun showed photos of the women’s wounds to Boitekong Medical Centre clinical associate Boipelo Senna.

Senna said different issues might have caused the problem. “Thorough consultations need to be done to determine the cause. I would say Mmapula is suffering from a chronic septic lesion,”

He said she needs to go to a hospital urgently to be referred to a doctor for diagnosis.

Traditional healer Gogo Ntombi said: “Usually in such cases, something was put at the gate or somewhere where she walked. She needs to consult a healer so the root of the problem can be found.’’