After years of hiding behind tinted windows when she drops him off at school and staying away from school meetings, Zodwa Wabantu says she is ready to step out at her son’s school and be his date at his farewell later this month.

Zodwa has tried her best to keep her son out of the spotlight and told TshisaLIVE that ever since her fame has grown she has tried to keep her distance from his school in Johannesburg so that she doesn’t cause a scene.

“I have been shying away from his school because I didn’t want to bring attention to him and any drama. I would rather drop him at the gate in a dimmed car so no one sees me. I wanted him to do well at school. Now he is leaving grade seven, I can finally step out.”

The star, who is often mobbed by fans when out in public, anticipates that there will be a lot of attention on her and her son at the farewell, she says she will cover up and be a model date.

“My son is very excited about the farewell and I am too. I will dress different to what people see me in. I only dress like that to get people to talk and debate.”

She may have not finished matric but Zodwa said that she was not playing with her son’s education and is making sure she gives him the best chance to be whatever he wants in the future.

“I am so proud of him. He has never failed. I was dumb dumb at school so I don’t know where he gets it from, but I am glad he is doing better. He focuses on school and him doing well is all I ask. I could have moved him to another school but I didn’t want to disturb his learning. He is happy and I don’t want him distracted.”