“BEHIND the short dresses and the partying is a person with a brain.” These were the words of Zodwa Wabantu, who told Daily Sun she’s been given the opportunity to be a brand ambassador for an energy drink.

Zodwa said she had been negotiating with the company for some time and they have finally reached an agreement.


Regarding the social media comments about the revealing dress she wore at the Durban July, Zodwa said: “People said I’m a prostitute and compared my thighs to those of a chicken.

“But I won’t be brought down by these comments.

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“I am a role model for a lot of people. People are able to face their challenges because of the example I set.”

The dancer became one of the main attractions at Eyadini Lounge in Umlazi, south of Durban, where she used to be seen in tight dresses.

She was usually spotted with no underwear and a drink in her hand.