This is an Anne Nhira alert! The hating sister better get her pen and paper ready because her Nemesis, Zodwa Wabantu is coming to Zimbabwe and this time she is doing so with an emphatic tour.

While the forgotten actress knocked on any and every door with a hinge and handle to try and
get the South African daring provocateur prohibited from entering the land of Nehanda and
Chaminuka, her efforts fell to naught and Zodwa was allowed to enter Zimbabwe for a private
paid for event during the time of the Harare carnival.
However, Zodwa preferred not to come after the furore the event had caused arguing that
she would tread on Zimbabwean soil when there were fewer distractions instead. And now
the distractions are gone and she will be landing in Zimbabwe for a three-city strong tour
where she will do the two things that she knows best; being famous for being famous and
raising her leg!
“We are proud to be hosting Zodwa Wabantu ×nally and we are absolutely certain that this
time, without the distraction of any other howling, the show will focus on the love affair
between Zodwa Wabantu and her legion of fans in Zimbabwe.
“We know for a fact that her adoring fans will have a great time as she features alongside a
line-up of strong supporting DJs and that will make the event memorable and be icing on the
cake for her fans in three cities no less,” said a spokesperson for the people behind the tour,
Joe Mentro.

Zodwa, who recently celebrated her birthday with a string of shows, will be fresh from
England when she lands in Zimbabwe and while Muddy Island will be cold to the core, the
Zimbabwe heat will help her warm up a bit and shake off the cold.
She shakes her leg ×rst in Bulawayo at Club Connect on November 11, then heads to the
Sunshine City, Harare, for her debut visit on November 12 at Harare’s Private Lounge before
wiggling her being behind the cover of the mountains in Mutare at the newly opened Club 263
in a whirlwind visit.
Speaking to this reporter, Zodwa Wabantu had expressed reservations about the visit initially,
citing the unfavourable response her previous attempt at a sojourn had elicited from the envy
laden pen of Anne Nhira but later thawed to great love and appreciation for her Zimbabwean
The last attempt to have her barred saw the b-class actress Anne Nhira, who now anchors an
online show, being mauled by Zimbabweans who saw her attempt to have Zodwa banned as
being driven by malice, anger at her waning almost-career as well as being hypocritical
considering that she has been based in South Africa for most of the past decade; the land of
Zodwa Wabantu.
“We think the noise of the past has died and we can now focus on the fact that Zodwa is an
entertainer and indeed entertain she will when she comes to Zimbabwe,” said Mentro. Hitting
the headlines for her blatant refusal to wear underwear, which she deems uncomfortable,
Zodwa has been viewed by some as the poster child for liberalism and free thought as she
swims upstream in the earthly river, while others think she is one immoral woman; L’Enfant
terrible to be exact!

The feisty Scorpio has previously called Zimbabwe home. And ×nally, the queen of
provocation of the human eye will be landing home to meet the people whose hearts she has
won as something of a people’s provocative princess.