IF THE ANC doesn’t pull itself together, it will lose power. This is according to the chairman of the party’s subcommittee on organisational renewal, Fikile Mbalula. Zuma has repeatedly said the ANC will rule until Jesus comes again. But Mbalula has warned that the party has been weakened by what he called “wedge-drivers”.

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“Many people nowadays use mainstream media outlets to announce their political ambitions in the movement,” he said.

Mbalula said the party needed to adjust its organisational machinery to respond to the new demands.

He said the nomination and election processes must be reviewed to allow for open contests. This would allow branches to interview nominated candidates who can then campaign openly. Mbalula said it was time for the party to acknowledge that factionalism existed.

“Nothing is being swept under the carpet. We are being robust. We are discussing these issues. There are no holy cows.” He said this included state capture and the Guptas’ involvement.

Regarding the motion of no confidence, Mbalula said the party has decided Zuma would not be recalled.

He said ANC MPs who vote against the party are “suicide bombers”.

“Those who undermine the ANC will be dealt with. They are committing political suicide.

“The president will leave the ANC in December,” he said.

In his report, Mbalula also proposed the establishment of a revolutionary council, led by members who have
retired from contesting any leadership positions.