A CATHOLIC priest last week received a thrashing at a lodge amid allegations he was bedding his aunt, who happens to be a married nurse.

Father Albert Mugari, who is also a music teacher at a local college, claims he was forced to sign a document at gun point admitting he had had se_x sessions twice in a parked car and twice at priests’ quarters with Yeukai Mushangwe.

Father Albert and Yeukai in their defence claimed they are related and not lovers.
Yeukai’s husband Shepherd Karimanzira told H-Metro that Father Albert begged him to conceal his shenanigans with Yeukai so as to protect his image and job.

Below are the two sides to the story, that of Shepherd and the version of Albert and Yeukai;



Father Albert denied the allegations stating that he is related to her and was forced to write and sign the document purporting to be having an affair with Yeukai.

“Yeukai ndigogo vangu, tinotamba tese nezvinyadzi chaizvo zvekuti dai iwewe waiona mamessage atinotumirana naYeu chero munhu anototi tinodana,” said Father Albert.

“I deleted the messages because it was not going to be accepted that she is related to me.

“Shepherd called me to talk about messages in gogo’s phone. He said either i was having an affair with her or i knew her boyfriend. I agreed to meet him as i had nothing to hide so i called Mbuya and told her i am going to meet him but she begged me not to saying i do not know that man. I insisted i could explain to him but i should have listened to mbuya.

“When Shepherd came into my car he had two men and a woman with him and they told me that was the end of my life.

“They produced a gun and made me call mbuya to invite her to a lodge. He said Ndinonzi Shepherd Karimanzira inini, that surname should mean something to you if you are normal. I was trembling and saying my last prayers.

Mbuya agreed thinking i wanted to brief her on what happened in private. I was told where i had been before and told that the two men had been tasked to kill me. If i did not go to pick her up and get her into the lodge and remove her clothes, they were going to kill me. I had never been threatened like that and i tried to follow their orders. I seriously thought i was going to die.

“Shepherd recorded my conversations with Yeukai and since she was not aware that we were being recorded she agreed to have a quality time with me like what we used to joke in saying such things.

“When we got to the lodge, could not go through with taking mbuya’s clothes off so i told her what was going on. I called my superior at work but the phone cut. As i tried to leave the room to get airtime, those men were at the door and pushed me in and Shepherd came and they all started beating me up taking pictures of us. They would force me to say things while recording them.

“They sent the recordings to my superiors and denied having a gun but by the grace of God they sent one wrong recording with a voice saying “this gun is loaded”. I can bring that recording to H-Metro. They also took my phone and have it to this day.

“I was assaulted and threatened with a gun into writing and signing the document shown to you and that was my first day to meet Yeukai’s husband.

“He took the matter to my superiors at St Georges College where I stay, teach and training as a Jesuit and I am going to engage our Jesuit lawyers against Shepherd.

“He deflated my vehicle tyres at the lodge and took my mobile phone and returned it later.

“As for my relationship to Yeukai better ask her sister Velda who is in Gweru,” said Father Albert.

Contacted for comment Velda Mushangwe’s explanation proved that Father Albert was taken as a son by one of their aunt after his relatives passed on.

“Albert akarerwa navatete vedu saka vaimutora semwana mushure mekunge afirwa nevabereki, mwana wehanzvadzi yemurume watete vedu,” said Velda.

Efforts to contact Father Munyoro who removed the vehicle at the lodge were unsuccessful by the time of going to print.



Yeukai denied cheating with Father Albert saying they are related and also stated that Shepherd is no longer her husband as he gave her a divorce token in front of witnesses.

“Shepherd called my mother and my brother and told them that he was divorcing me because he alleged I had boyfriends. He gave me 25 cents which he threw into my car and told my mom kuti endai nemwana wenyu or ndinomuuraya. That is how i left him over three months ago.

“He stopped trusting me after I found out that he had a child from an extra marital affair in 2010. I found out about this affair through his phone and instead of judging his adultery, his sisters ruled that i invaded his privacy and should not have gone into his phone. They resolved kuti phone yemunhu haibatwe and so i later put a lock code on mine and this ended our marriage.

“Albert muzukuru wangu handidanane naye ini,” said Yeukai, a qualified nurse under theater department.

“Takajairirana zvekutaura zvinyadzi saka zuva iroro ndakatotaura zvangu ndichibvuma kurara naye ndichingoti arikutamba zvemazuva ose.

“I do not know if that closeness to the extent of such loose talks was to end in se_x but I never had se_x with father Albert.

“When he came to take me home I was not aware that we were going to a lodge, booked by my husband, not him.

“Since I had some misunderstanding with my husband I just assumed that father Albert wanted to counsel me at a place away from children.

“I was shocked to learn from father Albert that he was under threat and my husband sneaked into the unlocked room along with his sister and two other men and started assaulting us.

“Shepherd used to physically abuse me and because of his level of education he feels inferior to me and to be honest I will not reunite with him because of that,” said Yeukai.


“My wife bedded a man I regarded as a saint and I did not know that mafata anorarara nevakadzi vevanhu,” said Shepherd.

“I tracked him and disclosed to him how he was cheating on me and when he realised that I had more details, he admitted and pleaded with me to conceal the issue saying he would lose his job if the story was published.

“His fears led us to agree in disclosing all the tricks he did and he blamed my wife of pestering him for se_x.

“After going through their WhatsApp conversations where they thanked each other for se_xually satisfying one another, he deleted the messages and I threatened to publish the story.

“He pleaded with me and he claimed that my wife was the one who was after him.

“He proved it by calling her on her mobile phone for a se_x session and she agreed and I recorded their conversations and my wife was later taken to a lodge near Fife avenue shops. (Shephered neither confirmed nor denied that he is the one who booked the lodge)

“I want to believe that Albert informed my wife about our plans (to catch them red handed) and believe that they had se_x before he informed me to come to the booked room because it took a long period.

“I entered the room and found them dressed and this angered me and I bashed him along with my wife.

“I never threatened him with a gun as what he wanted people to believe but he agreed to all this in a way to protect his job and image muchifata chavo ichocho.

“Ndakamurova akatiza mota akasiya phone yake and his vehicle was later collected by his colleague one father Munyoro.

“He is claiming that I threatened him with a gun to sign a document of what he was doing with my wife, that is not true.

“If what he claims was true, was the gun installed in the phone to cause my wife he was discussing with to agree to have time for se_x as well ngaarege kuita chifata chakapusa kudaro,” said Shepherd.

Source-H Metro