President Teodoro Obiang’ Nguema has appointed his First son Teodoro Obiang’ Mangue as Vice President of Equatorial Guinea. Teodore Mangue has been serving since 2012 as the nation’s second Vice President.

To start with, President Teodoro is one of the continent’s longest-serving dictator. He has been President of Equatorial Guinea since 1979; ruling the oil rich nation for 37 straight years. He ousted his uncle, Francisco Macías Nguema,(the First President of the country) in an August 1979 military coup.

In a supposedly democratic society, it is difficult to see people who stay that long in power. There must be some dictatorial traits to make that feasible in the typical African polity. Not even world Figures like Fidel Castro and Nelson Mandela who had the automatic mandate of the people ruled that long.

Surviving over 3 decades of dictatorial leadership is something that has puzzled people in Africa and beyond. Appointing his son as Vice President gives a whole new meaning to the game. More so when the son in question has not lived up to expectations as a public office holder over the years.


From the nation’s political trajectory it has been long speculated that Teodore Mangue is the heir apparent to Equatorial Guinea’s president. Teodorin as popularly called has equally served as the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry. Sadly he had nothing to show for it.

The Obiang family have been publicly accused of kleptocracy. Sometime ago, Teodore Mangue had a fallout with the French law over money laundering. This resulted to the confiscation of many of his million dollar luxury properties including exotic mansions, fleet of cars, jet amongst others.

When none other than the typical lavish playboy is appointed as the Vice President of the nation, one is forced to believe that the government is not liberal enough or just too blind to figure out what is appropriate and befitting.

With the abolishing of the position of Second Vice President, Teodore Mangue is the certified second in command to his father. Report says he will also be in charge of Defence and National Security ministry.