City socialite Leila Kayondo is in trouble after she was found in possession of a stolen BMW. Leila made headlines thanks to her then flamboyant boyfriend SK Mbuga.

The car was impounded in a security operation codenamed USALAM III.

According to a press statement from Interpol, over 470 vehicles have been stolen from Uganda to Democratic Republic of Congo since 2011.

122 of these have checked against Interpol databases; four have been impounded and investigations are ongoing.

The operation also recovered 55 acres of cannabis worth UGX 84million and wildlife a products from different parts of the country.

Some of wildlife products recovered included 20 kgs of ivory, 3 tortoises, geese, 12 ostrich egg shells, leopard skins and assorted animal products while 6 suspects arrested.


Also recovered were 7 firearms and 312 rounds of ammunition with 4 suspects behind bars and one terror suspect arrested in possession of multiple identity documents.

It is further noted in the statement that together with Police, Immigration, customs, wildlife Authority and Intelligence services, USALAM III has been able to execute its operations in Uganda.

Areas under surveillance were entry and exit border points, car bonds, depots and roads because they targeted wildlife crimes, smuggling, illicit proliferation of small arms, theft of copper cables, narcotics, human trafficking and terrorism.

Uganda is under the EAPPCO region, which covers all East African Countries, Djibouti, Comoros, Eritrea, Seychelles, Somalia, Sudan and Ethiopia.

USALAM III, an intelligence led operation has registered successful manoeuvres since 2014, since it aims at combating a wide range of transnational organised crimes and tackle emerging crime trends affecting both Eastern and South Africa regions.

USALAM replaced UMOJA Operation that was carried out consecutively from country to country targeting stolen high end motor vehicles mainly.