The fighters has given many reasons to stress why South Africans ought to vote for them in the upcoming elections. Land, better service delivery, jailing Zuma, ending corruption, dismantling institutionalize racism, and so on.

Julius Malema
Julius Malema

You must now add sex to that list. Pleasurable sex rather. Malema promises pleasurable sex under EFF leadership. Julius Sello Malema insinuated that the ANC government took away pleasurable sex away from the people. To him, the ruling party made ‘hit-and-run sex’ rampant in the country.

Malema promises pleasurable sex and pointed out that the RDP homes the government is providing is a “match-box” designed to frustrate adults by restricting their sexual pleasures.

He said a dignified RDP home ought to have five rooms with two bedrooms to house the parents and the children separately.

That way, “when parents want to touch one another, they would not have a problem of doing that.

Currently, you cannot touch each another. You are wearing your ANC T-shirt and you cannot even touch each another…You always send children to go get paraffin so that you can touch each another while they are away.

What is that? Under the EFF you are going to touch each other peacefully,” Juju promised.

Probably inspired by the hearty cheers from the crowd, Malema vowed that the EFF will do “whatever it takes” to win the freedom fight for the people.

“The same party you’re wearing their t-shirt, they’ve not given you electricity…they’ve not given you employment. This freedom, we will fight for it with whatever it takes. We’re not scared of those drunkards, let them do what they want to do.

The land is what we want. We want the return of the land because our people were killed when those lands was taking. There must be a price for the poor, there must be price for the rich. The rich must pay more, so that the subsidize the poor (SIC),” he added.

Source: Buzz Southafrica